Journey to Explore DDD: Denver, Americas, and Beyond | Paul Rayner S4E1

Vaughn Vernon and Paul Rayner discuss the evolution of the Domain-Driven Design (DDD) community in North America. The conversation highlights the importance of fostering connections and providing valuable learning experiences.

Throughout the conversation, Vaughn and Paul share insights into the complexities of modernization efforts, particularly in large organizations with legacy systems. They stress the importance of strategic thinking, focusing on core domains, and avoiding the “boil the ocean” approach. The episode concludes with a teaser for the upcoming Explore DDD conference in Denver, Colorado, scheduled for March 12-15, 2024, featuring keynotes by Eric Evans and Vaughn Vernon.

Paul Rayner is a developer, instructor, coach, consultant, and popular conference speaker with over thirty years of software development experience. Paul provides DDD and EventStorming training and coaching through Virtual Genius.

Paul is the founder and chair of the Explore DDD conference, the premier Domain-Driven Design conference in North America, and co-founder of DDD Denver. He is also the author of The EventStorming Handbook, and a co-author of Behavior-Driven Development with Cucumber. He lives in Denver, Colorado.

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