Karen Kilroy Add Dot guest

Humanity and AI | Karen Kilroy S3E9

Vaughn and Karen discuss the possible benefits for and threats to humanity in the use of AI.

They dip into Karen’s overlapping work in blockchain and AI and her unique accomplishments and awards in her blockchain and AI work. These topics take both Vaughn and Karen way back to the days of OS/2 and its superiority to Windows, which they both experienced.

Karen describes her current work and what’s coming next, with key benefits to humanity.

They wrap up their conversation sharing information on how other people, including listeners and others, can learn about practical and beneficial work with blockchain and AI.

Karen Kilroy is a lifelong technologist with heart. A full-stack software engineer living in Northwest Arkansas, she has written three publications for O’Reilly: Blockchain Tethered AI (2023), AI and the Law (2021), and Blockchain as a Service (2019).

Karen is CEO of Kilroy Blockchain, which was the Winner of IBM Watson Build Challenge in 2017, North America, for their AI app RILEY. Karen is also co-founder of Friends of Justin, a non-profit 501(c)(3) AI research lab focused on the interaction between humans and AI.

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