Asanka Abeysinghe on AddDot podcast

Made for the Cloud: Cell-based Architecture, Ballerina Language, and Choreo Platform | Asanka Abeysinghe S3E8

Vaughn and Asanka—WSO2’s CTO— discuss a relatively radical and fresh approach to cloud applications and services development. The tools include the domain-driven Cell-based Architecture, the Ballerina programming language, and the Choreo cloud platform. This purpose-built trio is composed as one powerful offering to give software engineers the ability to focus their efforts on delivering cloud-native applications and services. Of course, engineers are not required to use the Ballerina programming language. They may use Java and any other choice of language. Yet, those looking for a practical approach to functional programming that offers asynchronicity and handles service integrations well, Ballerina is a language worth trying. Together, this architecture-language-platform trio deserves consideration for use in your future enterprise.

Asanka, WSO2’s CTO, is a technology visionary with over 20 years of experience designing and implementing scalable distributed systems, microservices, and business integration solutions. He advances WSO2’s corporate reference architecture, collaborates with customers and industry analysts, and drives the company’s technology mission. Asanka is also a contributor to the Apache Software Foundation and a sought-after speaker at global events

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