AsyncAPI and Event-Driven Architecture | Fran Méndez S3E5

Vaughn and Fran meander through the topics AsyncAPI and Event-Driven Architecture using Fran’s “thinking out loud” style. They examine the motivation for AsyncAPI, which rescued a startup product team from prolific boilerplate infrastructure code. Every microservice they created suffered from enormous amounts of repeated code, which only got worse with frequent exponential growth of microservices. They discuss other areas such as inter-service shared AsyncAPI documents, versioned schema definitions, topic naming with blended message (e.g. command and event) names, topic versioning pros and cons, YAML vs KDL, add-on tools and templates, and how all these influence productivity.

Fran is the founder of the AsyncAPI Initiative and also works as Director of Engineering at Postman. In his spare time, he enjoys practicing different sports and disciplines, especially those related to circus.

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