API Portfolios for Everyone | John D’Emic S3E4

Vaughn and John discuss API portfolios and the increasing number of APIs being made available for public consumption. From John’s deep knowledge and background in APIs, the timeline of early to contemporary technologies is considered for perspective. From there, they discuss monetization of strategic APIs using his innovative HyperCurrent product. In their dialogue, API First, REST, GraphQL, gRPC, asynchronous message-based and event-driven, the future of APIs and API products, as well as using APIs while applying DDD are covered. It’s an opportunity to tap the knowledge of a long-time API design and tools expert.

John D’Emic is the CTO and Co-Founder of HyperCurrent, the leading Enterprise API Monetization Platform. He is an architect, full-stack developer, and author with over 20 years of experience. Besides co-authoring both editions of Mule in Action, John has published numerous blogs, articles, and white papers.

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