AI That Actually Works (and With Ethics, Even!) | Cassidy Williams S3E3

Vaughn discusses generative AI with Cassidy Williams (@Cassidoo) regarding the SaaS AI product that she and her team have developed. They cover the challenges of generative AI that supports accuracy in content repurposing, such as: customers don’t want content generated as a talk transcript with all images from the speaker’s slide deck. Customers want the talk repurposed to contain the most salient points and related images that are suitable for, e.g., a blog post.

What qualifies software as an AI, and what tools can help software engineers make the leap to AI application development? The two also discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of ChatGPT, and how ethical companies can develop AI products with trustworthy ethics.

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Cassidy is the CTO at Contenda, and loves teaching people how to code better. She designs keycaps, writes a weekly newsletter, and (most importantly) makes memes.

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