Breaking the Silence: Navigating the Spectrum of Communication Patterns | Jacqui Read S3E10

In this podcast episode, Vaughn interviews Jacqui Read, a .NET developer turned software architect and author of the book “Communication Patterns: A Guide for Developers and Architects.” Jacqui discusses the inspiration behind her book, emphasizing the importance of soft skills in conjunction with technical expertise. She highlights her experience in various domains and how she integrated diverse ideas into her work, leading to the identification of communication patterns and anti-patterns. The conversation delves into the reputation of programmers as poor communicators and the potential for improvement through Jacqui’s insights.

Jacqui’s book covers a broad spectrum of communication, including verbal, written, non-verbal, and visual communication. Jacqui emphasizes the significance of visual communication, which constitutes a substantial portion of the book. She addresses the inclusion of illustrations, particularly discussing considerations for grayscale printing and offering links to color versions on the accompanying website. The podcast touches on sections of the book dedicated to the communication of knowledge, documentation, and the challenges of remote communication in today’s distributed teams and companies.

Jacqui Read is an internationally recognised solution and enterprise architect, and author of “Communication Patterns: A Guide for Developers and Architects”, with hands-on experience and expertise architecting and coding software systems. She specialises in assisting businesses to create and enhance architecture practices, construct evolutionary architectures, and untangle and extract value from data and knowledge.

Alongside consulting, Jacqui teaches public and private workshops and speaks at international conferences on topics such as architecture practices, technical communication, and architecture decisions. Her professional interests include collaborative modelling, knowledge management, Domain Driven Design, sociotechnical architecture, and modernising enterprise architecture practices. Outside of work she enjoys gardening and attempting to strum her ukulele and sing at the same time. Her website is

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