Daniel Lubke

Writing Patterns for API Design | Daniel Lübke S3E1

With several great books on API design already on our shelves, this one stands out as a hefty pattern language and catalog for API designers. It’s chock full of about everything you could need to design an industrial-strength API. Our discussion steps through the pattern writing process, including working as a team of five industry and academic professionals. Learn insights from one of the book’s co-authors and pattern writers—a software industry practitioner—including his favorite and most challenging pattern in the book.

Daniel Lübke is a Software and Business Process Architect working at Digital Solution Architecture GmbH in Hanover, Germany. He received his PhD in Software Engineering in 2007. Since then he is working as a consulting and coding software architect in client projects. He is one of the contributors to the API Pattern collection, author and editor of several books and other publications, and is frequently sharing his experience in conference talks and lectures.

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