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Strategic Monoliths and Microservices | Vaughn Vernon

This episode originally aired on Tech Lead Journal.

“Strategy is what earns. Use the strategic and innovative drivers to help us determine what our architecture needs to be. Architecture has to have a purpose.”

Listen out for:

“Strategic Monoliths and Microservices” Book – [00:06:32]
Who Should Read the Book – [00:12:31]
Strategic Learning and Experimentation – [00:16:48]
Purposeful Architecture – [00:22:04]
Conway’s Law – [00:27:24]
Events First Architecture – [00:33:48]
Embrace Latency – [00:38:54]
Monoliths vs Microservices – [00:47:30]
3 Tech Lead Wisdom – [00:52:16]

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