Overcoming Complexity in Modernization with Cloud and Other Popular Technologies | Lee Atchison S2E4

Vaughn and Lee discuss architecting for scale, services at Amazon, AI for enterprise operations, fear of digital transformation, taking low-code and no-code seriously, practical blockchain, cloud security, cloud cost, and avoiding unnecessary complexity.

Lee Atchison is a recognized industry thought leader in cloud computing and application modernization. With more than three decades of experience in product development, architecting, scaling, and modernization, Lee has worked at Amazon, Amazon Web Services (AWS), New Relic, and other modern application organizations. Lee’s most recent book is Architecting for Scale, 2nd Edition (O’Reilly Media). Lee is a regular contributor to InfoWorld, and authors courses on LinkedIn Learning. You can check out his books, courses, articles, and speaking sessions at leeatchison.com.

Twitter:  @leeatchison 

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/leeatchison

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