Vladik Khononvov

Balancing Coupling in Software Design | Vladik Khononov S2E2

Vlad (Vladik) Khononov is a software engineer with over 20 years of industry experience, during which he’s worked for companies large and small in roles ranging from webmaster to chief architect.  Vlad maintains an active media career as a public speaker, blogger, and author. He travels the world consulting and talking about Domain-Driven Design, microservices, and software architecture in general. Vlad helps companies make sense of their business domains, untangle legacy systems, and tackle complex architectural challenges. Vlad lives in Northern Israel with his wife and an almost-reasonable number of cats.

Listen as Vaughn and Vladik discusss these questions:

  • What motivated you to research the topic of coupling in software engineering?
  • Why write a whole book on coupling?
  • What is coupling?
  • How does the balanced coupling approach differ from the traditional ways to treat coupling?
  • What are examples of unbalanced coupling?
  • Is there a relationship between balanced coupling and Domain-Driven Design?
  • Where can the balanced coupling approach be used?

Coming soon! Balancing Coupling in Software Design: Successful Software Architecture in General and Distributed Systems

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